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Drone Roof Surveys

Eye in the Sky Drone offers a comprehensive Drone Roof Survey, with prices starting from just £75 depending on the size and location of the roof. We will look to complete this type of work within 24/48 hours whenever possible. You will receive high-resolution photographs covering the whole roof plus any additional points of interest such as chimneys, guttering etc from all angles. We also give a 4k video showing the whole roof as well for no extra charge.

Drones are very useful for roof surveying as there is no need to expensive equipment such as scaffolding and they eliminate the risks involved with people working at height and potential for falling through weak rooves etc.

Drones can perform roof surveys quickly and accurately, there is minimal set-up time for them to survey most roof types. We provide high-quality 4k video and photographs so you can see the entire roof in great detail.

We use state of the art drones and software to perform our roof surveys quickly, accurately and thoroughly.

You can see some sample photos and video of a recent roof survey we carried out below, click the images for a larger, more detailed version:

To book a drone roof survey please contact us on 07773 024 688 or you can use our contact form.